Opportunities to Volunteer

There are many ways that you can volunteer your time to make a difference as a bicycle advocate in your community.

  • Email the PCC to find out how you can volunteer for the Coalition or help advocacy in your community. We often need help around our Columbia office and for events. We also need a coordinator for our statewide advocacy email list. Contact us if you are willing and available!
  • Support the efforts of the SC Livable Communities Alliance, a PCC initiative in partnership with other state organizations. Contact us on that here, and serve on the Speaker’s Bureau, by engaging with the media in a Letter to the Editor, or helping us meet with decision makers.
  • Work with local planners or citizen advisory groups to let them know that you support accommodations for bicyclists and pedestrians. Consider developing a Bicycle Friendly program in your Community, Business, or University.
  • If you are passionate about education, become a certified League Cycling Instructor and teach a road safety courses in your community. Find out about our next cycling class on our education page.
  • Check out our Safe Streets campaign and the curriculum available for educators. Also, let us know if you want one of our Safe Stressambassadors to speak to your group.
  • Volunteer for an event with your local bicycle or pedestrian advocacy organization.
  • Work with local police, EMS and your area Safe Kids Coalition to organize a child safety rodeo in your community.
  • Let your elected officials know your thoughts. Attend public meetings. Write letters and emails as a concerned citizen.
  • Ask your employer to adopt some bike-friendly practices at your place of work, such as installing a bike rack and providing a shower. Contact us for talking points and tips.
  • Replace one car trip per week with a bicycle trip!
  • Palmetto Conservation Corps: help build the Palmetto Trail. this is South Carolina’s only trail based program. They are looking for men and women ages 18-25 including veterans to join the corps. Contact them to find more info.