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The Palmetto Cycling Coalition is the only cycling lobby working for cyclists rights in SC!

In the 2007 legislative session, the Palmetto Cycling Coalition began work with the SC Bicycle Legislative Caucus to amend the South Carolina bicycling laws, which had not been updated for decades. After two years of grassroots lobbying, which was possible with the help of our partner organizations, clubs, and the hundreds of dedicated cycling enthusiasts throughout the state, the bill was passed. This law revises South Carolina’s bicycle statues to bring them into greater conformity with the Uniform Vehicle Code, to protect bicyclists’ rights, and to create a safer environment for bicyclists while riding on roads in the state. For a summary of the new bike safety law, see the resources section below.

Although the reform to the SC bike laws was a tremendous success, these changes do not necessarily result in a change of culture and knowledge. Thus, in 2010 the Coalition partnered with Bikelaw to endeavor to improve bicycle safety in South Carolina through broad educational efforts. Thus, the efforts of Safe Streets Save Lives was born. Drawing on their collective experience representing cyclists and training police officers, PCC and Bikelaw designed this campaign to focus on the safety issues that matter the most and will drive real change in our State. Find our more about Safe Streets at the campaign website.

Bicycle Friendly Community Program

Want to schedule a Bicycle Friendly community workshop in your community? Contact Amy Johnson and we’ll work towards getting your community headed in the right direction!

To learn more about the Bicycle Friendly Community Program visit: http://www.bikeleague.org/programs/communities/

SCDOT Commissioners

The Department of Transportation is governed by the South Carolina Transportation Commission, which is comprised of seven members, six of whom are elected by the legislative delegations of each of the state’s Transportation Districts. These Transportation Districts coincide with the state’s Congressional Districts. One at-large member is appointed by the Governor. View this PDF to find out who the Commissioner representing your district is.

Since the Commission serves as a general policy-making body for the SCDOT, it is very important that they are aware of the objectives and priorities of bicyclists in South Carolina. See the resources section below for detailed contact information for your commissioner, and get in touch with them today!

Benchmarking Report: The State of Bicycling and Walking

On a biennial basis, the Alliance for Biking and Walking releases the U.S. Bicycling and Walking Benchmarking Report. This project is an on-going effort spearheaded by the Alliance for Biking and Walking to collect and analyze data on bicycling and walking in all 50 states and at least the 50 most-populated U.S. cities. The Benchmarking Report is an essential resource and tool for government officials, advocates, and those working to promote bicycling and walking. The Alliance continues to expand the scope of this project while refining its methods. This first biennial report was released August 29, 2007. Through the ongoing Benchmarking Project, the Alliance will publish an updated version every two years. The data offers advocates and government officials benchmarks and recommendations so that they can improve bicycling and walking in the US.

To view or purchase the 2010 Benchmarking Report, visit their website.

And for a quick run-down on the South Carolina perspective documented in this report, view this informative narrative; for a more in-depth look at South Carolina statistics,view this cheat sheet.

Advocacy Resources