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State Advocacy

We regularly advocate on behalf of our mission – at the state level, but always in the interests of local movements.

SC Department of Transportation

  • Since 2016, we engaged SCDOT for real state policy change and introduced them to the growing partnership with goals well beyond our own mission:  the SC Livable Communities Alliance.  The project website is here; get involved today! The steering committee for this Alliance is PCC, AARP, SC Alliance of YMCA’s, American Heart Association – SC, East Smart Move More SC, ABLE South Carolina, Coastal Conservation League, and the SC Disability and Health Project).  This broad Alliance recently embarked to advance a state Multi Modal policy, which will improve state-local coordination so Livable Streets Built for People can be realized for everyone.   Get involved today!
  • In 2014, our efforts with the SCDOT Multi Modal Transportation Plan (MMTP) paid off, since this agency now utilizes a singular database for all local bike plans.  We grew a Coalition that submitted recommendations for this and other successes.
  • In the past, PCC worked to improve many SCDOT policies and move the needle on innovations coming from the local level experiencing challenges in a highway department (Rumble Strips, Complete Streets).

South Carolina Legislature

  • In 2017 and 2018, we advanced H.3615, an evolution from H.3909known as the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Act.  Both bills succeeded through significant negotiations and agreements with both the Judiciary and Transportation committees in both chambers, but did not achieve a final vote.  After restrategizing, our 2019 legislative agenda is divided into 3 different bills:  1) Electric Assist Bicycle bill, 2) Pedestrian Safety bill, and 3) Vulnerable Roadway User bill. These PCC led bills are supported by a large group of state and local organizations.  See the link for more info.
  • In 2014, we assisted the statewide effort to convince Rep. Nanney to drop the “bike liability bill“.  A second bill that year was proposed (also dropped) in the state house, which would have required every municipality allow bicycles on sidewalks.  That issue is highly context-sensitive and therefore meant for local ordinances.

SC Department of Public Safety

  • Every 5 years South Carolina develops a Strategic Highway Safety Plan.  The PCC served as a resource to this effort and was a member of the statewide committee that developed the last Plan.  Our goal is to continue this partnership.  The committee collaborates and develops the most up-to-date strategies to mitigate known safety problems on South Carolina state owned roadways, including our urban streets, rural roads and state highways.  In 2014, PCC staff participated in developing recommendations, based on broad collaboration, to the bike and pedestrian-related crash mitigation measures, and our broad coalition succeeded when many comments became part of the 5 year plan.  Defined strategies are eventually used to form state funding decisions, such as guardrails to mitigate run-off-the-road crashes, sidewalks for pedestrian crashes, bike lanes for bike-related crashes, education for bike safety, and a host of other strategies aimed at reducing crashes, injuries and fatalities of all road users.