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SC Livable Streets Academy

Since SCDOT adopted its state Complete Streets policy in early 2021, work remains to engage locally with citizens and cities, within those larger regional planning bodies implementing the state policy. The SC Livable Streets Academy was created to formalize the assistance we give communities and neighborhoods to further:

  1. explore their policy development,
  2. form and facilitate broader coalitions,
  3. enhance local advocacy skills, and
  4. better pursue funding for their safe mobility needs.

The Academy will provide Hosted Webinars to the public at large, followed by applications for in person coalition trainings.  This first year focuses on funding.  The funding is abundant.  The grassroots power to get it needs help.  Review the sessions and register for the next one today:

  1. PCC believes the model City funding story is in Greenville, for walk/bike facilities, for transportation and recreation.  Hear Frank Mansbach tell this story.  Video link coming soon.  Frank's Powerpoint Presentation is available here.
  2. PCC believes the model County funding story is found in Charleston county, because few other counties fund walk/bike facilities like Charleston. Hear Devri Detoma, Engineer with Charleston County, describe her work. This county funds their ped/bike facilities primarily from programmed funding from the gas-tax funded County Transportation Committee and their Penny Sales Tax.  Devri's Powerpoint Presentation is available here.   Video link is here
  3. At PCC's recent SC BikeWalkTrails Summit in Newberry, SC, Jamie Kendrick of Mead & Hunt gave a powerful presentation, highlighting the Safe Streets for All federal funding opportunity.  Seven planning grants were just awarded throughout South Carolina, and July 10th is the application deadline for the next round. $1 Billion is awarded annually in the Safe Streets for All program, until the infrastructure bill concludes in 4 years. Don't miss this primer so you can get your application in ASAP. SC ranks 1st in the nation in traffic fatalities, so we are a highly eligible state for these planning & implementation grants. Register to learn how your city, town, or region can apply, and what those outcomes could be. Jamie's Powerpoint Presentation is available here.   Video link here 

These will be followed by a request for brief applications for further one-on-one meetings and customized trainings.  Priority will be given to community groups of citizens who are diverse, committed to attend towards a common goal, and who already have an existing relationship with at least one elected official or town/city/county/regional staff planner or engineer.  Contact us for more information today!