Low Stress Bike Routes mapping project

PCC is embarking on creating a statewide database of low stress bike routes. Initiated in 2021, we are working with a Clemson graduate student in the City & Regional Planning department to create a database of all the routes in SC we consider low stress: those with few cars, low speeds, and other related factors. The goal is to create a local resource for municipalities, counties, and regions to make maps available either online or through print, for people to use to find those routes that meet their needs. Some of us can ride on any road, but most of us need a specific route type to get around. Route types can ultimately be color coded for level of traffic stress. Examples are below. PCC is creating the statewide database, and we will work with local partners to customize a local map, for local needs, with local branding, and through local sponsorships. Stay tuned for more information as we develop this project.

Examples are provided below to illustrate the potential end products.

Athens, GA Bike Map Legend

Athens, GA Bike Map

Raleigh, NC Bike Map