Low Stress Bike Routes / Networks mapping project

PCC recognizes biking needs to feel safer and less stressful, in order to encourage more riders in South Carolina.  Advocating to make a safer built environment takes time, but we need something right now to help navigate our bikes to those existing low stress streets.  This project does that by making a mapping tool to find the safest and least stressful bike routes and networks, already in existence.

PCC is currently creating a statewide database of low stress bike routes and networks throughout South Carolina, where that data is available.  Initiated in 2021, we are working with a Clemson graduate student during the 2022-2023 academic year, in the City & Regional Planning Department, to aggregate a database of all routes in SC relative to stress level.  Stress level is relative to these factors:  number of cars, speed, number of lanes, and other related factors.  The goal is to create local resources for municipalities, counties, and regions, to help people find the best low stress bike routes and networks, to best meet their individual needs, for either comfortable bike commuting or safer recreational riding. The final product could be online or printed maps, customizable for local details & branding.  Stay tuned, or contact us for more details.  Examples are below (from neighboring states).

Athens Bike Map
Raleigh Bike Map