Jobs, Internships, & Volunteer Opportunities


We do not have openings at this time.  However, we may have contract opportunities for grants, so please send us your resume.  We will keep that on file and may contact you should your skills match grants on the horizon.


The following internships are available. Please send inquires for further information here.

  1. Communications:  seeking an intern to assist with social media support, member engagement & development, and campaigns for current legislative or agency policy advocacy.
  2. Education:  seeking an intern to assist with Bike and/or Pedestrian Safety Education program execution, specific to South Carolina.
  3. Policy:  seeking an intern for policy development, campaign strategy development, and other areas. Experience / expertise in campaigns and/or Political Science a must, with some knowledge of the planning - or legislative - processes.

Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Email us to seek the most current volunteer opportunities.
  2. Advocate at the state level.  Find out how here, including letting your elected officials know your thoughts, attending public meetings / input surveys, or writing letters and emails as a concerned citizen.
  3. Advocate locally.  Find a local organization here, and contact them.
  4. Grow your own local advocacy, through participating in training we provide through our Livable Streets Academy.
  5. Consider developing a Bicycle Friendly program in your Community, Business, or University.  This could include asking your employer to adopt some bike-friendly practices at your place of work, such as installing a bike rack and providing a shower. Contact us for talking points and tips.
  6. If you are passionate about education, check out our Safe Streets curriculum available for educators, contact us to become an SSSL ambassador through 1-on-1 trainings, or become a fully certified League Cycling Instructor through a 24 hour course to teach Smart Cycling courses in your community.
  7. Volunteer for PCC's fundraising ride Festivelo, and ride for free!
  8. Replace one car trip per week with a bike or walk/transit trip!