SC Routes for Biking & Walking

These are routes we have collected over the years, from other state and national partnering organizations.

SC trails

  • sidepaths and multi-use linear parks, includes trails that are paved and unpaved
  • created by the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism, and recently updated

SCDOT Bicycle Touring Routes

  • SC’s 6 cross state routes
  • on road, primarily rural, adjacent to fast moving traffic
  • created by SCPRT in the 1980’s.  Many routes have 4 foot shoulders, but many do not.  A google map search may reveal more up do date information about presence of shoulders.

SC Rail Trails

  • paved trails in South Carolina
  • created by the Rails to Trails Conservancy for South Carolina


  • bicycling of all kinds, in the Upcountry

Aaron West’s regional Bike Routes

  • routes in SC, GA, and NC
  • for the long distance, confident rider who enjoys rural routes

Aaron West’s regional Bike Climbs

  • routes in SC, GA, NC, TN, and VA
  • for the long distance, confident rider who enjoys climbs