State Advocacy

Funding for Non-Motorized and Trails Infrastructure

PCC coordinates the SC Livable Communities Advisory Council to develop state policy proposals to better fund Non-Motorized and Trails infrastructure funding in South Carolina.  This 5 member working group consists of leading professionals in advocacy and planning in our state, with over 5 decades of collective experience in multimodal advocacy and planning.  The Advisory Council also considers policy proposals from national partners, such as other state DOT's with exceptional safety records, other state bike/walk advocacy organizations, and reputable national partners in smart growth, trails, and bike/walk advocacy.

The Advisory Council provides policy recommendations to future coalition Alliances in our SC Livable Communities advocacy program.

Trails Coalition

Efforts are currently underway to develop a SC Trails Coalition, Plan, and funding mechanisms

We now work to:

  1. Partner with state, local, and some national partners to develop a State Trails Coalition and Plan.
  2. Explore opportunities for funding mechanisms.

SC Department of Transportation (SCDOT)

The SC Livable Communities Alliance (facilitated by PCC) advocated for a Complete Streets policy with SCDOT.  That advocacy paid off when SCDOT formally adopted the Departmental Directive for Complete Streets on February 4, 2021.

We now work with SCDOT to help implement this policy:

  1. We follow the work of the SCDOT Complete Streets Council, where fellow advocates from Charleston Moves and East Coast Greenway Alliance serve in a stakeholder role.  This Council works to implement the overarching SCDOT Departmental Directive for Complete Streets from 2021.
  2. We served as a stakeholder in the development of the SCDOT Pedestrian and Bike Safety Action Plan, which resulted in a set of Corridors in most need of safety mitigations and a Toolkit for practitioners to use in implementing changes.