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Bicycle Traffic Safety by the Book

The Smart Cycling program, established by the League of American Bicyclists, is bicycle education curriculum for adults and children.  The classes within Smart Cycling are taught across the US by League Cycling Instructors (LCI).  In South Carolina we have about thirty LCI‘s, who are capable of teaching this material to diverse audiences around the state. […]

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Yesterday’s DOT Commission Meeting

The tone at yesterday’s very long SCDOT Commission Meeting was upbeat and positive, with much optimism expressed about the accomplishments of the last year and the many opportunities to come. The meeting was the last of Secretary Limehouse’s, and all Commissioners voiced their appreciation of Limehouse’s leadership and dedication to the Department during his tenure.  […]

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Lexington Resident Tapped to Lead SCDOT

Governor Haley announced late last Friday her appointment as Secretary of Transportation for our DOT: Robert St. Onge.  According to news sources, St. Onge, 63, retired from the Army after 34 years of service and now lives in Lexington.  From 2001 to 2003, he was the deputy assistant secretary of defense for reserve affairs, and […]

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Anxiously Waiting News of Transportation Appointment

With inauguration of our new Governor Haley just hours behind us and several pending announcements for her Cabinet, things are quite busy and exciting in our fair state’s capitol.  At the PCC, we’re most interested in who she will be recommending to the Senate as Secretary of Transportation.  According to the latest news sources, Haley […]

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