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Local Advocacy Organizations in SC

Local Advocacy


Charleston Moves


Bike Walk Greenville
LiveWell Greenville


Partners for Active Living


Wheel Movement

Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committees

City of Columbia Bike Pedestrian Advisory Committee
City of Spartanburg Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee
Aiken County Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee
Central Midlands Council of Governments Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee

Bike Collectives, Co-Ops and Community Orgs

Hub Cycle – Spartanburg
Holy City Bike Co-op – Charleston
The Village Wrench – Greenville
Cola Town Bike Collective – Columbia
Clemson Recyclery
USC Outdoor Recreation Bike Shop

Need Advice?

If you’re considering starting a local organization, local Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, or Bike Repair Co-op, you may find answers in this Webinar or our advice for tips.  In addition, staff is available to field questions (contact Amy here) or our Board with your questions, since we have vast experience and networks working in the local movement to improve the safety and convenience of biking and walking, and we hope to see more of these local advocacy organizations and Advisory Committees around SC.

Remember that an Advisory Committees cannot advocate, though they are essential for funneling public input into community planning.  Advocacy organizations primarily educate policy and decision makers, and these include 501-c3 non-profits that primarily educate (and can do limited lobbying) as well as 501-c4 organizations that concentrate on lobbying.