2018: the Road so Far!

This giving season, please consider supporting the PCC with a contribution!  Since nearly 70% of South Carolina’s roads are state owned, our year-end goal is to have 70 End of Year Donations and Member Renewals!The PCC is committed to fostering safe and expanded bicycle and pedestrian travel throughout the Palmetto state.

Since 1995, we:

  • Grew the organization from a small group of bike advocates/volunteers to a statewide network of state and local partners, 2 paid staff, hundreds of active supporters, and a broad reach and relevance;
  • Voted Advocacy Organization of the Year by the League of American Bicyclists in 2006; We also represented SC during their National Bike Summit for 13 consecutive years, and we continue to do so every spring;
  • Launched Safe Streets Save Lives, SC’s first strategic campaign to reduce bicycling fatalities, partnering with the SC Department of Public Safety, by publishing 4 videos broadly across South Carolina;
  • Updated SC state laws for vulnerable road users, by passing the Bicycle Safety bill;
  • Founded the SC Livable Communities Alliance—a coalition advancing a state complete streets policy campaign, grant funded, and spearheaded by the PCC and 7 other state organizations on the steering committee.
  • Successfully advocated for the SC Department of Transportation (SCDOT) decision to dedicate $5 million – 10% – of their federal highway safety funding to a brand new non-motorized safety program!

In just 2018, we:

  • Successfully advocated to SCDOT to create a new $5Million allocation for a non-motorized program, yielding 10% of their federal highway safety dollars (HSIP) for high crash locations for pedestrians and bicyclists;
  • Met with SCDOT multiple times with our newly formed Bicycle and Pedestrian (or Multimodal) Advisory Committee, along with members of the SC Livable Communities Alliance;
  • Added a 2nd year of capacity to the SC Livable Communities Alliance (SCLCA) state policy campaign, with another grant from Voices for Healthy Kids, a partnership between RWJF and the AHA, which we utilized to continue to expand the SCLCA;
  • Published the South Carolina Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Analysis: 2009-2017, by Equitable Cities LLC, the first robust and comprehensive safety analysis of these crashes, for use with both media and state agencies;
  • Assisted the Town of Hilton Head in another Southeast Biking Symposium for the southeast, and hosted a half day Bicycle Corporation of America Bike Symposium for the Santee Lynches region.

In 2019, we continue to strengthen our SC Livable Communities Alliance campaign for a statewide complete streets policy with SCDOT, which we hope to pass in the Fall. In the state legislature, we will also pursue 3 bills for safer bicycle and pedestrian travel and support another effort for Distracted Driving legislation.  2019 can be our year, but we need your help!  

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