2019 Year In Review

2019 was a busy year for PCC, to put it mildy. Starting from a whirlwind of legislative testimony we organized for H.3656, the complete streets bill, through the constant pressure we hold on SCDOT to pass that policy, we had a consistent refrain: “persistence”.

So what did we do? Take a look:

  • Grew the grassroots SC Livable Communities Alliance (SCLCA) to 9 steering committee organizations, 23 Mayors, 26 state organizations & businesses, and 36 local organizations & businesses.
  • Leveraged a successful media campaign for a state complete streets policy, elevating the campaign’s profile with SCDOT decision makers.
  • Leveraging the SCLCA coalition campaign, we successfully advocated to SCDOT, who
    • Began developing a new Bike/Ped Safety Action Plan,
    • Improved state/local coordination, with bike/ped is now considered in early stages of project development, instead of the tail end,
    • Increased repaving lists from 1 to 2 years, allowing opportunities for higher quality streets, by providing more time to combine multiple funding sources and more public input,
    • Started analyzing pedestrian crash data for future spot & systemic improvements, and for the eventual writing of the Departmental Directive, that will be a Complete Streets policy; and
  • Served on multiple SCDOT Road Safety Audits (RSA’s),
  • Advanced legislative initiatives, including: the Hands Free bills, the Complete Streets bill, and the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety bill, the Vulnerable Roadway User bill, and the Electric Assist Bicycle bill.

Just watch, for what we are going to accomplish in 2020…

Amy Johnson Ely

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