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CSFor the past year, SCDOT has been drafting their Multi Modal Transportation Plan, which they do every 5 years.  This is an important document, since it guides some future road investments and planning decisions.

On Wednesday, January 8, 2014, they will host a webinar from 1:30-3:30pm to share information about the latest draft to the bike/ped component of their Plan, and most importantly they’ll also gather your public input.  The Coalition reviewed their latest draft, and below we prepared these 3 comments for you – our membership and constituents – to use to voice concerns about this latest draft.  Please use specific content from these 3 issues, and feel free to phrase in your own words.  And thank you participating!

You can either call in Wednesday (register here first), OR email your comments later directly to SCDOT’s Mark Pleasant here.  

  1. In order to support the vitality of our economies and communities, and to foster safer travel for all road users, SCDOT should promote more facilities for bicyclists and pedestrians.  That includes landscaping, sidewalks, bike lanes, sharrows, and other traffic calming measures, because these provide safer spaces.  Fast, state routes should go around and not through city centers.  Road performance should be measured by lower bicycle and pedestrian crash rates, as a standard.
  2. SCDOT should abide by all locally adopted Bike and Pedestrian Master Plans.  This means no matter who owns the road, if that street is designed a certain way in a locally adopted Plan, it should be built as intended by that planning body, as money becomes available.
  3. If rumble strips should go in, only install them on shoulders with at least 4 feet pavement clearance for the bicyclist, from the edge of the roadway.

Questions?  Contact Amy.  

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