Anxiously Waiting News of Transportation Appointment

With inauguration of our new Governor Haley just hours behind us and several pending announcements for her Cabinet, things are quite busy and exciting in our fair state’s capitol.  At the PCC, we’re most interested in who she will be recommending to the Senate as Secretary of Transportation.  According to the latest news sources, Haley has canceled a few Cabinet announcements this week due to the inclement weather covering the state:

Monday’s snowstorm, Haley said, has disrupted her scheduled Cabinet rollout. “It’s very important that we get these done quickly,” she said, indicating more announcements will be coming soon.

Nonetheless, we’re on the edge of our seats awaiting news of who will lead the Department of Transportation.  This is a position that is appointed by the Governor and approved by the Commission.  Secretary of Transportation under Sanford, Hugh Limehouse, is not expected to serve on Haley’s Cabinet.

Speaking of leaders of DOT’s, on the national level our Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood, had a meeting this week with America Bikes, and then blogged about his continued commitment to bicycling infrastructure.  Check out the League’s blog for a great overview of this meeting and LaHood’s policies.

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