Apply for a Scholarship to the National Bike Summit!

Apply today for a $500 Scholarship to the 2019 National Bike Summit, in Washington DC!  The $500 will cover your registration fee.  Does not include travel expenses (note: location moved this year across the river in Virginia, which will reduce hotel expenses).  Scholarship deadline January 18, 2019.  Summit info here.

To apply: Email us a narrative of 500-1000 words, explaining 1) where you live, what local organization(s) you work with, 2) what you will do with the knowledge gained, and 3) what is your political experience and knowledge (including state and/or local transportation policy).  Relate that narrative to the following responsibilities: 1) lead Tuesday’s lobbying effort with the SC delegation at the National Bike Summit, 2) attend a training call for that, and 3) attend Saturday’s Active Transportation Leadership Institute, participating in one session on the role of state advocacy.

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Amy Johnson Ely

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