Campaign Launch: Livable Streets, Built for People!

The SC Livable Communities Alliance is launching a campaign for streets built for people.  This campaign for livable streets, built for people, is a collaboration between the Palmetto Cycling Coalition, AARP-SC, Eat Smart Move More SC, the SC Alliance of YMCA’s, American Heart Association-SC, ABLE South Carolina, Coastal Conservation Coalition, and SC Disability & Health Project.  While facilitated by the PCC, the goals of the campaign are intentionally focused on a broader set of missions, for more effective engagement and policy making.

Campaign outreach and our proposed policy is found at our campaign website linked here Livable streets – which are accessible to people walking, bicycling, and catching the bus – have better outcomes in safety, health, equity, and economic sustainability.

Dozens of communities throughout our state are engaged in improving streets and public spaces for a better quality of life, we all are left with the same persistent challenge:  our state owned streets.  How can we get SCDOT to put in a sidewalk, a street tree, or a safer intersection?

Fast facts:

  1. 70 percent of our roads are state owned,
  2. over 90 percent of our pedestrian and bicycle fatalities exist on those roads,
  3. but SCDOT has yet to program a real commitment to serve the needs of people walking and biking.

Amy Johnson Ely

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