Cycling & the Workplace

An Employer’s Guide to Encouraging Bicycle Commuting

Bicycling is a healthy, clean, and fun means of transportation that benefits the whole community with cleaner air, less traffic, and an improved quality of life. Nearly everyone has a bicycle, and they are very affordable to buy and maintain. Bicycle Commuting benefits employers in many ways including:

  • Healthier employees
  • More productive employees
  • Less demand for car parking

Here are several ways you can encourage bicycle commuting to your workplace.

Bicycle Parking – Install a bike rack in a convenient location or designate a storage room for bike parking. Use a rack that allows the bike frame to be securely locked and if possible place under shelter from the weather.

Showers and lockers – Make arrangements for cyclists to use showers and lockers in the building or at a nearby facility such as a school or health club.

Ride matching – Set up a system to match interested employees with each other for “bike pooling” just as you might for car pooling.

Provide Incentives – Rewards for those who don’t drive in to work alone

  • Cash payments equivalent to the value of free car parking
  • Reimbursement for bicycle repairs or bicycle/bicycle accessory purchase
  • Free breakfast or snacks
  • Recognition in internal memos or publications
  • Other creative ideas – ask employees for suggestions

Other Suggestions

  • Relax the dress code on certain days
  • Offer a Bicycle Commuting Course at the workplace, covering safety tips and skill-building for riding in traffic.
  • Make an information packet available to employees, including the following:
    • Bike to Work brochure, containing tips and advice for bike commuting
    • Information on signing up for bicycle commuting courses
    • Rules of the road for cyclists
    • Incentives offered by employer
    • Company guidelines for bike parking
  • Work with local government to provide bike lanes and other improvements to enhance bicycle access to your workplace
  • Foster a Bicycle User Group (BUG) of interested employees to advise and suggest specific improvements
  • Spread the word on Bike to Work events

Thanks to Bicycle Coalition of Maine for the information!