Debris in the bike lane or road shoulder? Tell SCDOT!

We’re thrilled about the latest news from our SC Department of Transportation.  They just launched an internet based system that allows the public to submit maintenance work requests.  According to their press release from today,

This system allows the entry of many common requests such as potholes that need to be repaired, ditches that need to be cleaned, or vegetation that needs to be cut.  SCDOT staff will process the requests during normal business hours on regular work days. This program can benefit those who have difficulty contacting SCDOT during normal business hours. Moreover, but it will benefit SCDOT’s administrative staff that normally takes work requests over the phone.

A properly maintained road is crucial to the safety and accessibility of all road users, and for bicyclists, its importance cannot be understated.  A well-maintained road allows bicyclists to operate on a roadway in an appropriate and lawful manner without interfering with other road users or putting themselves at personal risk.  For a bicyclist, a maintained road could be the difference of life and death.

To visit the system via your computer, click on this link (or here from your mobile phone).  You first have to submit the maintenance description from the drop-down menu.  Most requests from a bicycle-user will fall under one of the following categories:

  • Litter-Debris Pickup
  • Roadway Repair-Pothole
  • Shoulders/Ditches-Roadside Shoulder

We are working to have DOT add an additional item for bicycle lane specific requests.  After you submit your maintenance description, the additional information that you need to enter is fairly straightforward.  Finally, DOT has added a feature that allows you to easily explore state owned roads using their street finder.

We’re very optimistic that this system will streamline and expedite the maintenance reporting process and thus ensure safety of the most vulnerable of road-users like us bicyclists.

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