Join Us in Preserving Bicycle Funding

Both chambers of Congress are developing versions of the Federal transportation bill that are detrimental to bicycle funding. We’ve already asked you once this month, and we’re already asking again: please contact Congress to save bicycle funding that is extremely valuable to South Carolina.

The current Senate transportation bill dilutes walking and biking programs. To improve the bill, we’re asking Senators Graham and DeMint to vote for the Cardin-Cochran amendment on the floor to guarantee local governments a voice in transportation decisions, allowing them to build sidewalks, crosswalks, and bikeways that keep people safe. Tell Senators Graham and DeMint:

  • Local governments deserve a maintained voice in transportation
  • Safety matters–particularly in SC where we we are ranked 49th for bicycle safety
  • Active transportation is a wise investment that pays off in the long-term

In the House, we are asking representatives to oppose the House transportation bill entirely. Despite the fact that walking and bicycling infrastructure is a low-cost investment that creates more jobs per dollar than any other kind of highway spending, the House bill eliminates dedicated funding for walking and biking. Tell your Representative that the current transportation bill (HR 7):

  • Takes us back to the 1950’s
  • Is not cost effective and does not invest wisely
  • Eliminating the Safe Routes to School program makes streets unsafe for children

If you are wondering why this is happening yet again, the answer is fairly simple (although the details are complex): both Chambers of Congress are developing versions of a new Federal transportation bill to update the last bill, of which we are currently operating on the 8th extension. As they are working to develop these bills, both the House and Senate continue to make motions to eliminate funding for biking and walking. Last week, we needed your support as were working to get House Committee votes in favor of an amendment to protect bicycling and walking. Today’s alert, and future ones that are sure to come, are to let Congress know that we will not stand for these short-sighted bills.

SC’s Members of Congress needs to know that that finding effective, efficient transportation solutions to keep South Carolinians safe on the streets should be a national priority. These sources of Federal funding are vital to bicycling in South Carolina and without it, there is little likelihood that state or local funding would exist to support future bicycle paths and lanes.

This debate matters to South Carolinia, so please contact your Senators and Representatives today. And, the battle is far from over, so stay tuned to future alerts where we will need you yet again.

Thank you so much for your support and time.

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