Legislation to Allow Bikes on Limited Access Highways

Our friends at Coastal Conservation League and Charleston Moves have been hard at work over the last few months to address the bicycle ban on the James Island Connector in Charleston. In working with several members of the Legislature, they introduced a bill  (S. 1375) that will allow local governments the option to file exemptions to the law that states that bikes, pedestrians and other vehicles are prohibited from controlled access highways.

The James Island Connector is one such controlled access highway in South Carolina. With the current wording of the the law, it is illegal for a bike to be ridden on the Connector. Unfortunately, at present there is no safe alternative for a bicyclist who wishes to cross the Ashley River, making this a vital issue affecting public safety in Charleston. If the bill is considered in the next few weeks, then it will allow the City of Charleston to file an exemption to Section 56-5-3860 for consideration of the James Island Connector to be used by bikes.

For an in-depth look at the issue and to learn of the most recent updates, visit Charleston Move’s blog.

We commend CCL and Charleston Moves for their work. This amendment will do great work to advance bicycling access and safety in South Carolina!

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