November Gear Review: Elite Ozone Warming Oil

Each month, our friends at Hawley share a review on the latest gear that is passing through their warehouse on its way to your local bike shop. As always, thanks to Ken Klatte, Production Artist with Hawley, for this sneak-preview and words of wisdom. For more from Hawley on the latest and greatest in bike gear, check out their blog or YouTube channel.
Warming oil with the author’s cat.

With the temperature falling faster as the days grow shorter, my enthusiasm for cold weather riding is also waning. In addition to the discomfort from an icy wind on exposed skin, the muscles themselves grow rigid and atrophied. Lacking both the willpower and biological composition to bury myself underground for winter and emerge several months later during the warmer months, my only recourse is to use topical solutions.

Taking a cue from what Europeans (and especially Italians) have been doing for years, I decided to try out the Elite Ozone Warming Oil. While technically one could consider it an “embrocation”, its non-cream properties differentiate it from similar products. Its aqueous oil form makes it barely detectable on the skin.

Application is usually one of two ways: gingerly dab small amounts of the oil or slosh it on like barbecue sauce on a pork sandwich. After finding results “tepid” with the careful dabbing approach, I said a quick prayer and threw on at least a shot glass’s worth onto both legs. The resulting intense warmth and pungent scent of mint convinced me of success. As I worked the oil into the skin, the heat intensified ever so slightly, but nothing to the point of discomfort.

During a 39-degree ride, my exposed legs felt not only warm, but also loose and ready for strenuous riding. Unlike many pre-ride lotions and creams, the oil isn’t “activated” by moisture. It stays warm and once it begins to evaporate, the heat dissipates imperceptibly. For serious racers, a cream-based embrocation would be preferred but for a morning commuter or trainer, the oil’s mixture of moderate heat and duration make it the logical choice.
MSRP $22.99

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