Progressive in Poland

Bike lanes in Krakow

I recently had the pleasure of traveling throughout Poland. During my trip I couldn’t help but notice the many bike lanes throughout several Polish cities and towns. Even the countryside was filled with parks, complete with biking and walking paths. Krakow locals explained to me that bike lanes have become more common in the last ten years and during that time their use has also increased, especially among the younger generation of Poles.

Bike lanes in Zakopane

According to one blog, a prominent Polish newspaper recently created a campaign, “Polska na rowery!” (Get on bikes, Poland!) to increase cycling in Poland through a series of bike-friendly events. In addition, the All for Planet Foundation, came up with several bike rack designs for various Polish cities and encouraged residents to vote for their favorite designs.

Bike lanes in Torun
I was impressed by the display of progressive action in Poland, considering the many challenges the country has faced and overcome. Poland has only been a democracy for twenty years but has achieved transportation ideals that many American cities and towns are struggling to accomplish. While Poland is not without its problems, it has made great strides in an area often met by great resistance. After my trip, I can say that in addition to architecture, pierogi, and vodka, Poland can claim bike lanes as a national asset!

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