Rockin and Rollin in Rock Hill

Once a year or so, I have the opportunity to travel to Rock Hill and visit with their Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force (formerly ‘Bike Rock Hill‘). It is always so exciting to learn the bike/ped advancements of one of South Carolina’s fastest growing municipalities, and to catch up with the dynamic, dedicated and diverse group of individuals that are driving these changes.

One of the many bike racks throughout the city, designed and built by Winthrop students.

Rock Hill has a lot happening and is on the cusp of some exciting developments. The Mayor of Rock Hill, Doug Echols, is dedicated to promoting active lifestyles, and he practices what he preaches as an avid bicyclist. Rock Hill is home to South Carolina’s premier art university, Winthrop, and just last May, Winthrop art activities and bicycling intersected with an innovative art bike rack project. Rock Hill also has a dedicated and community-oriented bicycle club, Rock Hill Bicycle Club, which really acts as a nexus for many of the bicycling activities in the community.

Finally, last but not least, Rock Hill is the future home to the Giordana Velodrome, which will host national bicycling events “while introducing the local community to the Olympic sport of track cycling through a variety of rider development and outreach programs.” This will be an exciting venue not just for South Carolina, but for the southeast. The Velodrome will be connected to the Riverwalk and the future Rock Hill Outdoor Center, and will be an state-of-the-art location for everything bicycling.

With all of these exciting developments, and many more in the works, why is Rock Hill not a Bicycle Friendly Community? We are thrilled to be working with Rock Hill on their progress to an officially designated Community, and have high hopes for what we know will be South Carolina’s sixth BFC.

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