Safe Streets classroom curriculum

Last Thursday, I gratefullsr2s forum graphicy accepted the opportunity to present our classroom curriculum developed for our Safe Streets Save Lives bike safety education campaign, to a group at the 2015 Safe Routes to School Forum.  You can find this curriculum directly from a visit to the bicycle safety webpage for the South Carolina Department of Public Safety website.

The 8 lessons in this classroom curriculum can be taught during any school class, after school function, or in any other kid and/or adult classroom environment.  It was updated with Safe Routes program elemeSR2S forum photonts to help achieve School award status, and it focuses on the legal rights and responsibilities, and the safe practices of riding a bike in SC.

The Forum was an excellent opportunity for folks from around the state to network and learn more about what it takes to make our state a safer place for kids to walk and bike to school.  Big kudos to the event organizers – the SC Safe Routes to School staff!  This event brought together a great and diverse group of people to move us closer to our goal.


Amy Johnson Ely

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