SCDOT Developing Promising New Bicycle – Pedestrian Safety Action Plan

Your voice is being heard in Columbia! At last month’s SCDOT Commission meeting, Secretary of Transportation Christy Hall unveiled a slide describing the development of a new Bike-Ped Safety Action Plan. The slide, as seen above, reveals SCDOT is addressing many of our requests for safe, multimodal streets. This is a huge step forward for people who walk and bike in South Carolina and SCDOT. This is a huge win for our efforts to make South Carolina’s streets safe for all users and means SCDOT is listening to your concerns.

Details of the action plan are still in development, and we look forward to working with Secretary Hall, Commissioners, and staff at the SCDOT to find out more soon. We also look forward to aiding in its development through our participation in SCDOT’s Multimodal Advisory Committee. Thank you to everyone who signed our petition, wrote a letter, filled out a postcard, or testified at a Commission meeting. Your efforts helped make this progress for multi-modal streets happen!

Amy Johnson Ely

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