Deadline:  Sunday, July 7, 2019

SCDOT can do a better job engaging and seeking to understand why communities feel strongly about some transportation projects.

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“Every project of major impact should have a project community liaison. The project community liaison, likely a contract hire, would serve to connect project managers to the community, communicating the project details face to face, and serving as a citizen point of contact. That person should be cross trained in government and preferably reside within the community. Projects of major impact can include, but aren’t limited to: a new exit, a major complete streets retrofit, or taking ROW or property acquisitions. Resurfacing projects, specifically those that include changes in the streetscape design, should also require project-scale public input opportunities.

In addition to traditional media outlets, inform a larger set of diverse media,online print, and TV media outlets, including but not limited to black, hispanic, and other media outlets.

Finally, public engagement should be scheduled BEFORE the Design/Budget phase, not after. Public input is far easier to incorporate into project design and budgeting, before those decisions are made and difficult to change.”

For more information about SCDOT’s Public Input Notice for its Public Participation Plan, see this link here.

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