Secretary Chao: Please prioritize Safe Streets

Smart Growth America (SGA) recently sent a letter to the new U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Secretary Chao.  In the letter, they congratulated her for her appointment and her expressed desire to make safety a priority. Yesterday, the Senate voted to confirm her appointment.  SGA believes America’s transportation system is a key part of our economy and our communities, and they expressed their hopes that Secretary Chao take advantage of the unique and valuable opportunity to improve this country.

They said Secretary Chao already has experience running a federal agency, and that because she’s made clear that safety will be a priority, they feel “that’s fantastic—especially if she means making streets safer for people walking and biking.”  At this point, they urge you to send a letter to introduce yourself to Secretary Chao, and to encourage her to make streets safer for everyone no matter their age, ability, race, income, or how they choose to travel.

You can add your name here.

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Amy Johnson Ely

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