September Gear Review: Bodyglide Sunblock

Each month, our friends at Hawley share a review on the latest gear that is passing through their warehouse on its way to your local bike shop. While we usually publish this review in our monthly e-newsletter Palmetto Spokesman, we’ve decided to also publish it in our blog. As always, thanks to Ken Klatte, Production Artist with Hawley, for this sneak-preview and words of wisdom. For more from Hawley on the latest and greatest in bike gear, check out their blog or YouTube channel.

The giant, yellow, molten ball of nuclear energy the Earth revolves around is what heats our planet and also prevents it from rocketing into the gaping maw of a sinister black hole at the center of our galaxy. It also has a tendency to burn our skin, making it gross, red and ouchy. With this in mind, the avid cyclist must do everything he or she can to prevent the beloved yet dreaded sun from inflicting its passive yet direct harm upon our collective epidermis.

Sun block is a great way to prevent sun damage (for those of us not into long sleeve jerseys) so for the past 3 months, we’ve been testing Bodyglide’s “Anti-Chafe” sunblock. What sets this sunblock apart from other brands is its non-liquid, roll on form. Instead of the wet, oily surface from standard sunblock application, the Bodyglide rolls on like a deodorant without leaving the usual oil slick behind. The rounded shape made facial application on this tester’s large, angular nose easier than expected. It takes only a few minutes to dry into an invisible layer of protection.

Did I mention it’s odorless? Always a plus not to smell like a water park locker room during a ride.

On the bike, the Bodyglide performed ably enduring all but the hottest and sweatiest conditions. Several rides of 3 plus hours in 95 plus degrees could not dislodge the first layer of sunblock. Longer, sweatier rides eventually started to remove the first application but the .45-ounce size of the Bodyglide meant that it could be easily stored in a jersey pocket and then reapplied during a stop for water. The fact that Bodyglide comes in such a miniature size (in addition to its standard 1.3 ounce) gives it portability not available with other sunblocks.

Sunblock is often forgotten by us cyclists but if you can remember to use it and use a brand that doesn’t come off with sweat, your skin will thank you for years to come!

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