Show your Bike Love.

See what 2016 brought to South Carolina in state bike advocacy.  

Care of the Palmetto Cycling Coalition, for all of you.  

  • Passed H.3909, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Act, through the SC Senate (2016), with final passage at a future date.
  • Analyzed SC Department of Public Safety crash statistics, to better inform and define our state bicycle and pedestrian safety problem.
  • Began forming the SC Livable Communities Alliance, to advance a necessary state Complete Streets policy.
  • Utilized leadership from PCC’s C4C network of planners to vet draft state policy.
  • Trained more SSSL ambassadors in the SSSL curriculum, and taught for additional audiences.
  • Began organizing for the 2017 Mayors Bike Walk Summit, in Columbia, SC.

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Amy Johnson Ely

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