Statewide News Round-up

7/7/11. Bike-sharing system launches in downtown Spartanburg. (Spartanburg Herald)

7/7/11. Reports name SC as eighth fattest state; Spartanburg programs trying to improve city’s health. (Spartanburg Herald)

Columbia firefighter Travis Kinley

7/13/11. Widow of deceased cyclist: “Enough is enough”. (WISTV)

7/13/11. Troopers: Firefighter injured in hit-and-run hit by two different vehicles. (WISTV)

7/13/11. Motorist sought who hit firefighter riding bicycle. (The State)

7/13/11. To the street bicyclist. (Bluffton Today Blog)

7/14/11. Van driver charged in bicyclist fatality. (Post & Courier)

7/14/11. Firefighter recovering after hit, run. (The State)

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