Statewide News Round-up

6/23/11. On Any Given Tuesday: Southern Greenville County’s roads are full of bikers. (Journal Watchdog)

6/23/11.  Editorial: Another reason to eliminate DOT board. (The State)

6/26/11. Sharing road can become ordeal: Cycling competitors provide their stories. (Augusta Chronicle)

6/28/11. Greenville spreading out on Washington Street. (Greenville News) As with most Greenville Online news, you can circumvent the fee by google searching the article’s title and choosing one of the links from the search outcome.

6/28/11. U.S. Moving Forward on Bicycle Interstate Highway System (but not SC). (Eco Geek)

7/1/11. Myrtle Beach committee eyes median beautification (read: 17-bypass a complete street?). (The Sun News)

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