Statewide news round-up of the week

Here’s a roundup of latest South Carolina bicycle news.  From the mountains to the sea, we’ve got you covered.  You can always stay up to date on news by subscribing to our general news RSS feed, where we compile all of the latest in a FeedBurner site.

3/2/11. As described in Dave Moulton’s (former bicycle frame builder and current resident of Charleston) blog, the terrible incident of a motorist intentionally driving into a group of school children in Summerville is making international headlines, framing the US as car-obsessed. Fortunately in this incident, none of the children were seriously hurt and the driver is facing serious charges. There were no sidewalks available for the children to walk on.

3/11/11.  Randy DuTeau, event manager with the Augusta Sports Council, shared a fantastic op-ed piece to the Augusta Chronicle about efforts of advocates in the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA).

3/12/11. The City of Easley is putting their Bike/Ped Master Plan to work with the latest of street improvements revealed in a public meeting.

3/15-3/15/11. There was much anticipation around the unveiling of the Greenville Bicycle Master Plan, which was revealed at a meeting last night. They’re aiming for Platinum status as a BFC from the League by 2020.  
To view the Greenville Times articles (and thereby circumvent the fee), Google search the titles (‘Greenville bike plan to be revealed Tuesday’ and ‘Greenville looks to go platinum with bike trails’) and click on the first of the search results.

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