Statewide News Roundup

8/7/12. Pedaling for Parkinson’s: Anderson biker breaks two personal records on ride to West Coast. (Independent Mail)

8/7/12. Where cyclists die, ‘ghost bikes’ rise in tribute. (Myrtle Beach Online)

8/8/12. Richland County to educate for transportation tax. (Free Times)

8/9/12. Olympic torch makes appearance at Rock Hill’s velodrome. (Rock Hill Herald)

8/9/12. Calif. bike accident kills Greenville native. (Greenville News)

8/11/12. Do we need a bike lane or just want one? (The Patch)

8/12/12. Racing at Rock Hill’s Giordana Velodrome has NASCAR feel. (Rock Hill Herald)

8/14/12. Old cars and flat tires mark the next to last leg of biker’s cross-country journey (Independent Mail)

8/15/12. Two wheels are better than four. (Charleston City Paper)

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