Support PCC with a donation on May 2, Midlands Gives!

Tuesday, May 2 is the day your donation to the PCC will go further!  Everyone can be a philanthropist on May 2nd. With a donation of $20 or more, you can help the PCC achieve its goals!

During this 24 hour Day of Giving, donate to the PCC and here’s how your dollars will impact bike and pedestrian safety in South Carolina:

  1. $30 pays postage to mail 2 packages of safety materials to a school implementing a bike safety program, with PCC’s Safe Streets Save Lives curricula.
  2. $20 pays for 1 hour direct consult to community leaders calling the PCC for advice on acquiring community infrastructure that is more bike and pedestrian friendly, using our national training and unique experiences
  3. $50 pays for 1 meeting with SCDOT to make state roads safer.

Amy Johnson Ely

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