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Complete Streets

Streets should transport people, not just cars. For too long, our states, cities, counties, and towns have built miles of streets and roads that are safe and comfortable only for motor vehicle travel, yet dangerous and inconvenient places to walk, bicycle, or take transit.  However, times have changed, and a great deal is occurring at the local level in our state to re-invest in safe bicycling and walking.  For more information on the national movement, visit the National Complete Streets Coalition website.

On the Road to Complete Streets in South Carolina

The Coalition, in partnership with many organizations, assisted in the development of most local Complete Streets policies in South Carolina. Visit our policies’ page for that list.  Please contact us if we can help you develop your own locally-tailored Complete Streets policy and advocacy plan.  We have experience in our region, and we’re here to help.  Contact us if you need assistance in developing, planning, or implementing Complete Streets in your area.  This national resource can guide the technical development, but we can help you advocate for its passage.

Funding Complete Streets

We developed a unique resource on funding biking and walking infrastructure and programs, specifically in South Carolina.  Focusing on bicycling and walking, this resource does not yet include information on transit.  This resource was developed from training we acquired in 2012 through the former Alliance for Biking and Walking (Advocacy Advance program), in addition to research and interviews of a vast number of fantastic people and resources, statewide and nationally.  This resource, titled Funding Biking and Walking Infrastructure and Programs in SC:  Eligible Sources, is downloadable here as a PDF, and it is intended to be as comprehensive as possible.  It contains local, state, federal, and federal-aid eligible sources of facility funding, referenced to facility type, and also lists examples in South Carolina where funding was utilized.  On occasion, we will update it.  If you have new information on where funding was utilized, and you are a municipal planner or engineer, please let us know and we may add that to the next Edition!  We are incredibly grateful to the professionals who provided information and many of the examples listed, and we will update the full reference list soon.

Past Efforts & Other Resources

In 2010, along with ESMMSC, we produced two fantastic resources for learning more about Complete Streets and advancing equitable road policy change within your SC community:  the Advocacy Manual and the Complete Streets toolbook.  If you’d like a hard-copy; submit an order by emailing us.

In 2011, the PCC, AARP of South Carolina and ESMMSC offered two workshops on Complete Streets policy development (Complete Streets Policies in SC) and implementation (6 Step Implementation Process, by Roger Henderson with the National Complete Streets Coalition).  We developed a coalition among diverse public and private partners in South Carolina, including planners, public officials, engineers, public health professionals, community leaders and members, and many others.