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PCC Auction, May 4, 2017

Don’t miss the PCC Auction!

We have a growing number of items Auction, and we can’t wait to share more soon!  Check back again for more information. This Auction will benefit these PCC projects:

  1. H.3615, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety bill, and
  2. a state Multi Modal Policy campaign, an initiative of the SC Livable Communities Alliance.

When:  Thursday, May 4, 2017, 5-7pm, during the SC Mayor’s Bike & Walk Summit (May 4-5)

Where:  1835 Gervais St, Alfred & Williams Company, 6 blocks east of the Conference space at IT-ology (1301 Gervais, #200)

Items for Auction

  1. Hincapie Gran Fondo tickets (2 for the Gran Fondo, 2 for the Medio Fondo)
  2. HHI timeshare, valued at $1400, Players Club Resort, sleeps 6, 35 DeAllyon Avenue, Unit 2205, week 32, all paperwork included
  3. Wildlife painting by Charleston artist Amanda McClenon
  4. Stay tuned for more!  We will have plenty more soon, including gear, etc…

Item 1: Hincapie Gran and Medio Fondo tickets

Item 2: HHI timeshare

Item 3: Amanda McLenon acrylic painting



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