20 Mayors Sign SCLCA Policy Letter of Support!

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Mayor Terrence Culbreath, of Johnston SC, is the 20th mayor signed onto our policy letter of support!

Multimodal “complete streets” are endorsed by mayors from cities and small towns from every congressional district in South Carolina!

Here are just a few reasons why mayors in South Carolina love complete streets!

Intersection with a crosswalk, sharrow, and 2 signs reminding motorists to yield to pedestrians.  Columbia, SC
Photo by Amy Johnson Ely, Columbia, SC

Complete Streets Allow Communities to Be Innovative

“While the City of Union is on the forefront of revitalizing our downtown area to include infrastructure improvements, streetscape, walking trails and  improved and new sidewalks, we feel now is the time to make sure all mode of transportation is recognized, be it walking, bicycling, even driving from point to point. So we fully support the State in any effort to make our streets safe for all of our citizens especially the physically impaired.”

Mayor Harold Thompson, City of Union
Photo by Amy Johnson Ely: Near Spartanburg, SC

Complete Streets Add Value

“With intentional and positive coordination with our state and local partners, we’ve been able to begin accomplishing great things, in time, including our velodrome and improved downtown walkability.  All of these things add value to our communities.”

Former Mayor Doug Echols, City of Rock Hill
Photo by Michael Dantzler: Rock Hill, SC

Complete Streets Build Relationships

“Change is gonna happen, and it’s up to us to make it change in the right way…People are out using this [Swamp Rabbit] trail and, all of a sudden, they’re neighbors again.”

Former Mayor Wayne McCall, City of Traveler’s Rest
Photo by Michael Dantzler: Manning, SC

Complete Streets Help Attract and Retain Talent

“We are having to decide where we are going to make significant public investments … Efficient bike lanes … Assessing where is demand … The number 2 question I’m getting is what is your talent pipeline? … Makes me reflect on how do we make our cities good to attract people and talents…”

Mayor Steve Benjamin, City of Columbia
Photo by Michael Dantzler: Columbia, SC

“… our transportation plan includes two other important elements. First, we will begin to make our city more walkable and more bikeable, with light-infrastructure improvements such as striping, signals and signage, the creation of a major North-South bike corridor on the Peninsula, the development of a safe way of getting from West Ashley to Downtown, and a full scale bike sharing system of the kind that has worked so well in other places. In addition to these improvements, we will also improve safety on our streets by enforcing the existing rules of the road on motorists, bicyclers and pedestrians alike.”

Mayor John J. Tecklenburg, City of Charleston
Photo by Michael Dantzler: This image of the intersection of Line and Meeting Streets shows a safe turning radius for slow vehicle turns, a benefit of pedestrians using the ladder crosswalks parallel with traffic.
Photo by Michael Dantzler: Charleston, SC

Thank you so much to all 20 mayors who signed the SC Livable Communities Alliance policy letter of support! Our movement for safer streets is just getting started, and we look forward to passing a complete streets policy in the SC Department of Transportation!

If you are interested in signing our policy letter of support as an elected official, business owner, or organization leader, click here. For more information, check out our draft policy. You can see everyone signed onto our policy letter, so far, on the SCLCA home page. Questions? Please contact us today!


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