2021 Legislative Agenda

This year’s agenda will be driven by our Virtual Lobby Day for Safe Streets!

The 2021 Legislative session will prove to be challenging, but PCC doesn’t shy away from challenges. Because of the pandemic, most of Lobby Day will be online, via Zoom, including trainings and meetings, but some in-person meetings may occur (with masks).

What’s PCC’s Legislative Agenda? See below for our short list, which is subject to change.

  • Hands Free bill, starting in the Senate, would require motorists not hold a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle, in most cases. This bill was first proposed by another name (DUI-E) in 2017, and after 4 years in the state house, it has a good following and it is positioned well for 2021. It now has broad support and familiarity among most lawmakers.
  • 3 Feet to Pass bill, starting in the Senate, would define the distance that is safe between motorists and bicyclists on the open road. This bill was first proposed in 2020, the 2nd of a 2 year session, until the pandemic ended the session prematurely. It gained steam relatively quickly, given it is simply adding definition to existing law, which PCC worked to pass in 2008 (Safe Passing law) alongside many partners, including the law firm Bike Law (Safe Passing law)

If you’d like to participate in our Virtual Lobby Day for Safe Streets!, date TBD, contact us today. With everyone’s help, we can work through the covid-related challenges to make these important legislative changes.

What other bills will PCC support? Stay tuned. Updates can be found on our main PCC Legislative Agenda page.

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