Action Alert: SCDOT final policy change

During our final call with the Secretary of Transportation to discuss her draft internal complete streets policy, we arrived at these 2 challenges:

1. SCDOT doesn’t want to “hit MPO’s over the head” with systemic, minimum standards of accommodation (IE, near schools), even if locally sensitive to context. Rather, they want to provide a “toolkit” to the local, regional planning bodies to enable them to do it themselves; and

2. The effort to improve state-local coordination and engagement through a more transparent 2-3 year candidate repaving list was reduced to primary routes only.

We continue to advocate for these 2 final changes in the last stretch of the policy campaign. Stay tuned for our transition to the state legislature regarding Item #1 (H.3051, led by Representative Pendarvis of Charleston).

TAKE ACTION TODAY: Contact your Commissioners, and Explain that SCDOT needs to: “TAKE THE LEAD with minimum, systemic safety accommodations for complete streets, since SCDOT state-owned roads are home to ~95% of South Carolina’s pedestrian and bike fatalities.”

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Amy Johnson Ely

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