2023: What has PCC done for you lately?

We focused the time and energy of staff, volunteers, and our coalition of board members and partners to accomplish all of this in 2023:

  1. Hosted the 2023 SC BikeWalkTrails Summit with 125 professionals statewide!
  2. Successfully advocated for more sidewalks with SCDOT funding, by successfully advocating that SCDOT Commission update their Policy 3!
  3. Launched our Livable Streets Academy!
  4. Served as Citizen Stakeholder on more SCDOT Road Safety Audits!
  5. Developed the first statewide GIS database of Low Stress Bike Networks.
  6. Advanced legislative initiatives, including: Hands Free bills, Trails Easement bill, DUI Ignition Interlock bill, Carolina Squat bill, and others,
  7. Assisted 5 local communities with walkability goals, by serving on the state team for the Walkability Action Institute, a program funded through SCDHEC and the CDC.
  8. Served on the SC State Trails Coalition Steering Committee, by helping craft the Strategic Plan for the future SC State Trails Plan.
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Amy Johnson Ely

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