PCC needs your Help with Hands Free

Hundreds of you signed the Hands Free petition >> THANK YOU! We are sending your petition signatures to House Judiciary committee this month, in preparation for the final leg of the 2023-2024 legislative session.

After years of PCC supporting the Hands Free bill, we led the effort in partnership with the motorcycle lobby in Spring 2023. Now, the Hands Free bill needs a major push. Spring 2023 was also when PCC launched a billboard campaign across South Carolina in 3 regions, with the help of a major donor. However, our leaders’ positions have not changed. This is where we need your help again:

If you live in any of these House Judiciary member districts, please set up an in person, constituent meeting during October or early November 2023. In your meeting, urge them to facilitate a meeting with SCDPS to resolve differences related to equity, and then urge them to pass the Hands Free bill through committee by March 2024. PCC supports equity and probable cause versus reasonable suspicion, because it will move safety and equity forward together, and we can’t afford not to.

  • Rep. Wes Newton
  • Rep. John R.C. King
  • Rep. Justin Bamber
  • Rep. Case Brittain
  • Rep. Jason Elliott
  • Rep. Brandon Guffey
  • Rep. Pat Henegan
  • Rep. Matt Leber
  • Rep. Cody Mitchell
  • Rep. Robby Robbins
  • Rep. Carla Schuessler
  • Rep. Spencer Wetmore
  • Rep. Chris Wooten
  • Rep. Jay Jordan
  • Rep. William Bailey
  • Rep. Beth Bernstein
  • Rep. Ben Connell
  • Rep. Val Guest
  • Rep. Rosalyn Henderson-Myers
  • Rep. Jeff Johnson
  • Rep. John McCravy
  • Rep. Travis Moore
  • Rep. Seth Rose
  • Rep. Ivory Thigpen
  • Rep. Will Wheeler

Find your district legislators here. If your Rep. serves on Judiciary committee listed above, please contact them from this list, and set up a meeting now. Thank you. Passing a Hands Free bill in South Carolina will bring significant and documented safety benefits to our state.

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Amy Johnson Ely

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