Bike Month 2011: It’s Bike-to-work-day!

We anticipate some great news coverage about bike to work day events around the state, but for the meantime here’s a few covering Rides of Silence from Charleston to Anderson and everywhere in-between.

5/18/11. Bikers pedal in silence, ask for some shoulder room. (Anderson Independent)

5/19/11. Silent ride draws big crowd: Global memorial to be followed by local event. (Post & Courier)

5/19/11. Ride of Silence honors fallen cyclists, promotes safety. (Spartanburg Herald)

In other news around the state…

5/18/11. Letter: Generous cyclists help our community. (Greenville News: To view the Greenville Times articles (and thereby circumvent the fee), Google search the title (‘Generous cyclists help our community‘) and click on the first listing in the search results.

5/19/11. Talkback: Bicycles (Aiken Standard), which elicited the following response from PCC Board Member Tom Lex. To the person who was told their whole life not to ride your bike in the road, I would say get over it. You were probably told this as a child because your were not mature enough to know how to do it safely. Bicycles have every right to be on the road and it is a South Carolina Law. Roads are not for the exclusive use of only motor vehicles but are to be used for transportation. We must Share the Road and it takes all of us to show respect for and patience with our fellow human beings. Go to for more information on the rights and responsibilities of cyclists and motor vehicle operators.

5/20/11.Woman’s identity released in fatal Myrtle Beach bicycle crash (The Sun News).

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