Safe Streets Save Lives!

A lucky few in Charleston, Columbia and Greenville had the chance, after last night’s Ride of Silence, to see a sneak preview of our latest campaign, Safe Streets Save Lives. Today we unveil it to the general public.

In our mission to improve bicycling safety in South Carolina, we partnered with BikeLaw and sought the talent of a Charleston-based production company to create a high-quality and appealing series of videos to address several crucial aspects of the bicycle laws passed in 2008. These videos are the basis of a larger curriculum that will be launched later this summer.

These videos are a tool to reach more bicyclists and drivers and improve experiences on the road for both groups. It takes cooperation from all sides to improve safety on our roads. Along with the videos, the Safe Streets website offers supplemental information regarding safe bicycling and driving and advice for getting involved.

We hope you like what you see and join us in this effort!

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