Guide Released: Funding Biking and Walking in SC

Ever wonder where the money comes from to build a street, complete with infrastructure for everyone:  the people driving, bicycling, walking, or riding a wheelchair to a bus stop?  Where does the money come from, to build these public spaces and transportation corridors.  Read our guide:  “Funding Biking and Walking Infrastructure and Programs in SC:  Eligible Sources”

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with-state-and-url-copyBecause we know this is one of the biggest questions in implementing safer streets, we’ve created a guide – for you:  the citizen, the city planner, the rural planner, the town engineer, or the neighborhood leader.

This is our first Edition, and it’s not glossy yet, but it is very accurate.  We hope it helps you in implementing your Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plans.  Stay tuned for additional Editions, where we will fine tune our graphics, and add references, sources, and content to better help you implement safer streets in your town.


Amy Johnson Ely

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