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Amy Johnson Ely

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  1. Over the past few years, many of our solid white lines (denoting boundary between “lane” and “shoulder”) have been “buzz milled.” The buzz mill is approximately 7″ and cuts thru the 4″ lane boundary line. The unfortunate and unintended consequence of this action is to reduce the width of pavement between “buzz milled” white boundary line and shoulder vegetation by as much of 3″. In many places, this leaves from 0 to 18″ for cyclists to choose between riding in shoulder vegetation, on the “buzz mill” or in the traffic lane. Only the last is tenable, but is dangerous. While most modern cars have “lane departure avoidance” systems, someone (Hmmm, could that be bureaucracy hard at waste?) decided to add buzz milled shoulders to automobile lane avoidance systems. (HEY Kids…What a GREAT IDEA and it will keep and GROW our staff of “shovel supported stand-abouts” on the County/State payroll. WHATADEAL!!) And the purpose of those buzz milled shoulders? Why, to keep inattentive drivers from wandering onto shoulders and into the trees while sending a text, checking e-mail or ordering confetti on-line. A reasonable person might say, “let ’em kill themselves; it is the Darwin Effect removing these morons from the gene pool.” And what has PCC done to address, resist or stop such nonsense?