I-526 Extension and the Larger Issue at Hand

From the Coastal Conservation League (CCL):

Charleston County Council will discuss the I-526 extension at their Finance Committee meeting on Thursday, April 14th at 4:15 pm.  Please contact your council members and join us at this important meeting! After months of reviewing comments and discussing alternatives with the State Department of Transportation, Council is ready to discuss whether or not to move forward with I-526.

This is a very important issue that affects much of the future growth of Charleston County and surrounding communities. Take a closer look at the issue on CCL’s alternate proposal to the 526 Extension. We thank CCL for their extensive time and dedication to this and other valuable transportation projects along the SC coast.

National media outlets, namely Streetsblog, have been covering the 526 expansion issue, particularly earlier this year. Streetsblog recently asked, ‘What is it about the Carolinas and stale plans for outerbelt highways?’ In this new decade, South Carolina needs to reorient transportation priorities and policies in support of values that foster quality of life and economic development. No longer will large-scale highway projects such as I-526 extension and the proposed expansion of I-73 capture the twenty-first century needs of South Carolina. Projects such as these diminish the state’s road maintenance fund, leaving our already deteriorated roads in further disrepair, thus compromising our roadway safety and ability to attract new businesses and industry.

While our neighboring states are developing up-to-date transportation plans and strategic infrastructure projects that modernize road networks and serve the needs of all users, South Carolina’s leaders are focused on spending valuable transportation dollars on these outdated and undesirable highway projects.

If you are a resident of Charleston County, please contact your council members. If you are not a resident, then we encourage you to learn more about the issue at hand and how this project has the potential to affect the landscape of South Carolina as a whole. Visit any of the links in this post to learn more and to become a well-informed advocate. Then contact your SCDOT Commissioner and share your thoughts with him or her.

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