Legislative Updates: April 28, 2022

Bills we actively advance

S.248, Hands Free

This bill moved at lightning speed at the start of session in January in the Senate and through committee. In February it struggled with an Objection on the Senate floor, but made it through by rare Special Order late February. By March 1, the Hands Free bill had successfully passed through the Senate and into the House – only because of windfall of voiced support. In the House, S.248 was sent to Judiciary committee, where PCC and partners continued to work to prioritize the bill. Rep. Rita Allison of Spartanburg passed a Resolution for Distracted Driving in the House towards that end. S.248 still awaits a subcommittee hearing near the end of the session.

H.3120, Trails 

This bill acquired over 20 co-sponsors last year and made it through subcommittee. This year, it crossed from the House to the Senate just in time, after an attempt to stall it failed. It currently resides in the Senate Finance committee and awaits a hearing near the end of the session. 

S.245, 3 Feet to pass

This senate bill, sponsored by Senator Young of Aiken, was advanced by PCC last year, but an Objection was raised by a Senator who wanted to change the existing Safe Passing Law. PCC was unable to obtain resolution with the merits of this Objection. S.245 died when it did not make it through the Senate by the cross over deadline of April 10. 

Bills we are monitoring

Criminal Justice Reform, H.3050

This bill establishes additional responsibilities for the Law Enforcement Training Council to develop curriculum and minimum standards. Additionally, it establishes a Compliance Division under the Council, which will inspect the relevant policies and procedures for every law enforcement agency in this State to ensure compliance with minimum standards. H.3050 was legislatively driven by H.3050 was legislatively driven by the House Equitable Justice and Law Enforcement Reform committee, established after George Floyd. It has the backing of the Municipal Association of SC, SC Department of Public Safety’s Criminal Justice Academy, the Police Chief’s Association, and the Sheriff’s Association. This bill is viable this session.

School Bus Stop, H.3100

This bill establishes penalties for unlawfully passing a stopped school bus, allocates that funding to school bus safety equipment (IE, digital recording devices on busses and extended school bus stop arms), and allows the state education superintendent to overrule local school bus stop locations decisions. This bill currently resides in the Senate and is still viable.

Altering Motor Vehicle, S.908

This bill restricts how much a motor vehicle can be elevated or lowered at an angle, which inhibits good views of vulnerable road users. S.908 made it through the Senate by late February. It was sent to the House committee on Labor, Commerce, and Industry, where it recently received an amendment, and remains viable for passage this year.

Center Line Passing, H.4573

This bill did not make it through the House by cross over deadline of April 10, so it is not viable for passage.

County Greenspace, S.152

This bill can fund Trails. It successfully passed through the Senate late last year. S.152 successfully made its way through the House committee on Ways & Means late April, with an amendment, so it is still viable.

SC Conservation & Enhancement Act, S.1039

This bill could have funded Trails, but it did not make it through the Senate by cross over deadline, so it is no longer viable.

Amy Johnson Ely

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