Legislative Updates: Mar. 5, 2022

S.248, the Hands Free bill
This bill has moved at lightning speed since the start of session this year. It made it all the way through the Senate officially on February 24th, with many amendments. We feel this is still a strong bill. On Mar 1, S.248 arrived in the House and was sent to Judiciary committee. PCC continues to work with partners to prioritize getting this bill passed to significantly reduce crash risk to people biking and walking. S.248 has significant support statewide, from legislators and many partnering organizations.
S.248 in the news
S.248 in the news again

H.3120, the Trails Tax Credit bill
This bill now has 21 bill sponsors. It currently resides in House Ways & Means committee after passing through subcommittee last year. H.3120 is competing with other budget matters from the new IIJA law and budget surplus, but PCC continues to work with partners to prioritize it. It has significant support.

S.245, 3 Feet to Pass bill
PCC testified and supported this bill last year, so that it moved fairly quickly through its Senate subcommittee and committee. At this time, it remains on the Contested Calendar under an Objection and is not likely to move.

H.3100, School Bus Stops
This bill passed the House Feb 3 and was sent to the Senate. Once in the Senate, it was sent to the Committee on Education where it currently resides. H.3100 grants authority to the state school superintendent to override local school district decisions on bus stops. This bill also provides funding for bus stop arms (safety equipment) for school busses.

S.908, Altering a Motor Vehicle
This bill successfully passed through the Senate Feb. 25. It currently resides in the House in the Committee on Labor, Commerce, and Industry. S.908 prohibits altering the angle of the passenger motor vehicle, when the suspension or frame and front fender is raised or lowered four or more inches above or below the height of the rear fender.

H.4573, Center Lane Passing
This bill was referred in the House to the Committee on Education & Public Works, but it has not moved since Jan 11. This bill prescribes the safe passing or movement across the center line, around a slow moving vehicle, including but not limited to people traveling on foot, bike, tractor, golf cart, etc.

S.1039, Conservation & Enhancement Act
This bill was introduced in the Senate Feb 2, and it currently resides in the Committee on Finance. This bill can be used to create or maintain trails, since it creates a Natural Resources Enhancement Fund dedicated for the purpose of capital improvements for public use on parks, forests, wildlife management areas, and heritage preserves, to increase or enhance access to public lands.

Amy Johnson Ely

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