Legislative Updates: May 18, 2022


S.152, Green Space Sales Tax
This bill was introduced by Senator Davis, and while it almost didn’t pass, it’s now headed to the Governor for his signature! It was pushed through the Senate last year, but got stuck behind the budget in the House this year. When signed by the Governor, it will allow counties to institute a referendum for a 1% sales tax to be used to benefit land protection efforts in the county, including Trails!

H.3050, Law Enforcement Betterment
H.3050 has broad support from the SC Department of Public Safety’s Criminal Justice Academy, the Police Chief’s Association, the Sheriff’s Association, and the Municipal Association of SC. It was legislatively driven by the House Equitable Justice and Law Enforcement Reform committee, established after George Floyd. It establishes additional responsibilities for the Law Enforcement Training Council to develop curriculum and minimum standards, creates a Compliance Division under the Council which will inspect the relevant policies and procedures for every law enforcement agency in this State to ensure compliance with minimum standards, mandates corrective actions for the director of the Law Enforcement Training Council to take before holding the certification of officers employed at noncompliant agencies in abeyance, and requires law enforcement officers to report abuse promptly if they are unable to intervene.
Please thank your legislators today for passingS.152 and H.3050.
Link to Senate Members
Link to House Members

Yet to be Determined..

S.908, Carolina Squat
This bill passed through both the Senate and House, and it was then recalled from the House for an amendment. It is currently in conference committees in both the House and Senate, awaiting resolution. This bill would make it unlawful to raise a vehicle’s front fender four or more inches above the rear fender.

These will have to wait until next session..

S.248, Hands Free
This bill was advanced this year by PCC, the Trucking Association, ABATE (motorcycle lobby), National Safety Council (southeast chapter), Municipal Association of SC, and many others. This bill would require motorists not hold a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle, in most cases. It achieved significant mileage through the legislative hurdles this past 2 year session, but it was hung up in the House Judiciary committee. Hands Free legislation is important, since it will reduce bike, pedestrian, and vehicular fatalities by 10% if passed, which is 100 people each year in SC. Contact us if your organization wants to sign an ever growing letter of support!

H.3120, Trails Tax Incentive
This bill, sponsored by Spartanburg’s Representative Hyde, would give property owners a state tax credit if they agree to a trail easement. Easements are voluntary and necessary to patch together a trail corridor. The bill was inspired by trail building efforts by Partners for Active Living in Spartanburg, refined by Upstate Forever, and is supported by trail advocates statewide. Contact us if your organization wants to sign a growing letter of support!
SCDOT updates

SCDOT fulfilled their promise we negotiated a while back through our SC Livable Communities Alliance – and they are publishing 2 year repaving lists, for primary routes. 

See the 2023-2024 repaving project list for primary routes, and forward this to your local planner, as they may find something in their local Bike or Pedestrian Plan, that can be completed during this future repaving project. See the 2022-2023 repaving project list for all projects on this map viewer. And don’t miss these public input notices for more projects on the horizon.
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