SCDOT makes Repaving a better opportunity for street changes!

SCDOT recently increased the amount of lead time given to local SC planners for when streets will be repaved, by notifying them sooner, from a 1 to 2 year list, before the trucks show up to repave primary routes.

That means local planners now have enough time to proceed with streetscape changes and engage the public, given they have 2 years before the “trucks show up”. So forward this to your local planner!

PCC worked with our SC Livable Communities Alliance to negotiate that change with SCDOT in 2019, after discussing it on numerous occasions during the Ad-Hoc SCDOT Multimodal Advisory Committee, where we served as a stakeholder, and with the Secretary of Transportation Christy Hall. The City of Greenville in 2011 requested that SCDOT publish a 5 year repaving list for all counties, so every city in South Carolina had enough time to negotiate changes with SCDOT and engage their own neighborhoods adequately before making big streetscape changes. We are thrilled for just the 2 year list of primary routes only, and we understand if this goes well, SCDOT may give even more lead time in the future for additional routes, IE neighborhood streets, secondary roads, and farm to market roads. We appreciate that SCDOT has extended notice given to local planners – and their willingness to discuss changes to streetscapes for applying Complete Streets changes.

Amy Johnson Ely

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